Ligare's commitment to quality and service

Every member of Ligare is committed to both excellence in customer service and the production of quality products. Our sales team and our production teams have embedded in our culture the desire to deliver quality products on time and at the right price. We listen very carefully to your needs and concerns and we have the expertise, knowledge and experience to assist you with decisions about your publications.

If you have any comments about our service please address them to and we will respond within one working day.


Written testimonals are available to read from:

The Federation Press

CSIRO Publishing

Cambridge University Press

Should you wish to personally speak with publishers who use Ligare to produce their publications we will be happy to put you in touch with them.Ligare Customer Service

Some of our customers who are happy to speak to you include:

Ms Chris Richardson

Pearson Education Australia

Ms Natalie Taylor

Thomson Legal & Regulatory

Mr Tony Phillips

LexisNexis Australia

Ms Catherine Hockings

Council of Law Reporting NSW

Ms Maggie Reeves

Cengage Australia

Ms Selina Brendish

Oxford University Press

Mr Chris Holt

Federation Press

Mr Stephen Haigh

John Wiley & Son
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